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Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certified Developer on Apache Cassandra

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Content What is Apache Spark? History Why Apache Spark Apache Spark Structure and Architecture Spark APIs Demo What is Apache Spark? Apache Spark is a general purpose platform for quickly processing large scale data that is developed in Scala programming language. A framework for distributed computing In-memory, fault tolerant data structures API that supports Scala, Java, Python, R, SQL Open source Apache Spark is a unified

What is Gatling? Gatling designed to measure the performance of our application or website.Gatling is a tool that easy to use, sustainable and high performance. Gatling is based on Scala. OS type does not matter because it works on JVM. Why Gatling? Gatling defined to load and performance on its website but We can define functional, non-functional, performance,

Content Introduction Software Development Process Models Agile Software Development Scrum Scrum Framework Scrum Team and Roles Scrum Event Scrum Artifacts Problems and Common Mistakes Introduction- Facts of Projects Introduction- Project Size & Models Software Development Process Models Hacking (No planning, analysis) Requirement-Code (Code -> Correct) Waterfall Model V Process Model Prototyping Model Rapid Application Development Model (RAD) Evolutionary Software Development Model Iterative Software Development Model Spiral Model Component Based (Reusable) Development Model Rational Unified Process(RUP) Agile

  What is Docker Swarm? Native cluster management and orchestration for Docker A pool of Docker hosts to a single, virtual Docker host Docker Swarm serves the standard Docker API Standalone Swarm before Docker version 1.12 In Docker 1.12 and higher, Swarm Mode integrated with Docker Engine Key Features Integrated cluster management with Docker engine Declarative service model with YAML based files Scaling